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The on-going debate over the insufficiency of hydro-carbon based fuels and, the poor economic sustainability of their use has brought the question of every country's energy dependence to the forefront. Slovakia is one of the forested countries where the use of biomass and firewood is the ideal route towards energy independence as the use of forest products supports local industry, lowers energy costs and is a way of life that is more in touch with nature.

We can therefore compare a number of fuels out of interest and the desire to improve opinions. The quantity of energy obtained from 1 m3 of hard wood is about the same quantity of energy as from 440 kg of brown coal, 210 kg of butane or even 280 kg of black coal.

As a society we use many categories of firewood that the customer selects exclusively or in part though his or her personal preferences even if such customer prefers comfort and the freedom from time constraints. We offer split wood in two basic lengths: 33cm and 50cm, upon request we can provide any dimensions of split logs. Our range of products is expanded to include wood for preparing meals, decorative wood for the fireplace and split soft wood for fire starting purposes.

Hardwood firewood (beech, hornbeam and oak) in loose lengths from 2 – 4 m

Listnaté tvrdé palivové drevo (buk, hrab, dub) voľnoložené v dĺžkach 2 – 4 m 115 €
spatial meter

This type of firewood is intended for customers who prefer to process the wood themselves due to the benefits of lower cost yet more work involved; they need to have tools available and space available at home for this work and the risk of a serious injury is much higher.

Price: 115,00 € / spatial meter

Hardwood firewood (beech, hornbeam and oak) split in loose lengths

Listnaté tvrdé palivové drevo (buk, hrab, dub) voľnoložené, štiepané 95
spatial meter

This product is a wonderful variant among the next two products as it only requires storage without any technical demands and does not present any injury risks; it is clean and comfortable with a friendly price.

Price: 95,00 € / spatial meter.

Akcia 79,00 € / spatial meter do vypredania zásob pred sezónou

Mäkké ihličnaté palivové drevo (smrek, smrekovec, borovica) voľno ložené, štiepané

Mäkké ihličnaté palivové drevo (smrek, smrekovec, borovica) voľno ložené, štiepané 60 €
spatial meter

Tento produkt je lacnejším variantom k drevu listnatému, tvrdému,
no má najlepšiu výhrevnosť pre zplyňovací kotol. Drevo je suché, vhodné
na priame použitie. Polienka vyrobíme podľa požiadavky, ako u listnatého
palivového dreva.

Price: 60,00 € / spatial meter

Mäkké ihličnaté palivové drevo (smrek, smrekovec, borovica) voľno ložené, odrezky pri spracovaní

Mäkké ihličnaté palivové drevo (smrek, smrekovec, borovica) voľno ložené, odrezky pri spracovaní 50 €
spatial meter

Odrezky, ktoré vznikajú pri krátení guľatiny na presnú mieru, majú tvar guliačov, nie su štiepané, priemer odrezkov 25 - 45cm, rôznych dĺžok, zväčša od 25 do 35cm. Produkt je cenovo výhodný, na vlastné spracovanie, podľa potreby zákazníka. Odrezky sú suché, na priame použitie.

Price: 50,00 € / spatial meter do vypredania zásob

Hardwood firewood (beech, hornbeam and oak) split on pallets

Listnaté tvrdé palivové drevo (buk, hrab, dub) štiepané, v paletách 125 €
spatial meter

Split firewood stored on pallets is a very comfortable and compact method of storing wood. This product is best for long-term storage and simple manipulation, for example using a hand operated pallet jack, for practical storage near the heating unit.

Price: 125,00 € / spatial meter

Pelety ENplus A1

Pelety ENplus A1 330 €
spatial meter

Pelety sú vysoko kvalitné, ekologické a certifikované EN plus® A1 SK, vyrobené zo smrekovej piliny. Balené sú po 15kg v plastových vreckách, uložené na palete po 78ks. Váha celej palety je 1,17tony. Momentálne osobný odber P.F.A. spol. s r.o. Zahradkárska 14, 90055 Lozorno, nakládku zabezpečíme. Pracujeme na možnosti dodania, priamo na adresu zákazníka.

Price: 330,00 € / spatial meter

Decorative birch firewood, split and packaged

Dočasne vypredané

Brezové dekoratívne palivové drevo štiepané, balené

We also offer decorative split birch firewood in 12 kg packages. Thanks to it interesting colour and burn characteristics birch is a perfect decorative element for any fireplace. It makes for a wonderful fire with low ash; just the perfect fuel for a fireplace of woodstove. Enhance the originality of a winter evening!

Price: 2,00 € / package

Cherry wood suitable for preparing meals, split and packaged

Dočasne vypredané

Čerešňové drevo vhodné na prípravu pokrmov štiepané, balené

Wood from fruit trees and especially cherry trees is among the best wood for preparing food on a grill, spit or for home smoking meats, fish or cheeses where these all take on the unique aroma and taste without any bitterness. We offer cherry in packages of around 12 kg. Give your taste buds an experience as well!

Price: 3,00 € / package

Grape wood suitable for preparing meals, packaged

Dočasne vypredané

Hroznové drevo vhodné na prípravu pokrmov, balené

llow us to introduce you to an exclusive product dedicated for preparing foods: thick chunks of cut grape trunks; this ideal product is well known in Italian cuisine and it is sought after. We carefully select extra thick chunks that we offer in standard lengths in packages of around 14 kg. Do you think the Italians don't know how to cook?

Price: 20,00 € / package

Split lengths for fire starting

Štiepy na zapaľovanie

Our range of products is enhanced with split lengths for fire starting in grills, for smokehouses, fireplaces or for starting fires in wood-fired boilers. We produce these from dry pine and we package them in packages of around 8 kg; average diameter is around 2 cm. You don't have to cut off your fingers...

Price: 4,00 € / package

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