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Our services

Forestry services

As a company involved in and oriented towards forestry we can provide any out-door works that may be required in forest stands (afforestation, reforestation, protection of forests, selection cuts, salvage logging) as well as management and administration as required by law.

Services supplied to hunters

Slovakia with its beautiful nature and species diversity has always impressed not only those closely bound to nature, but also general public and any individuals who can appreciate bounties of the nature.

Services supplied to forest tenants or timber traders

Our company provides forest tenants, smaller timber producers and timber traders with the opportunity to sell their commodities at public auction.

Estate business

Our company makes continuous efforts and spends energy and time to improve its data base of forest estates through which we can offer estates as required by our individual clients, depending on the future function of the forest in question.

Services supplied to general public

Our company supplies services also to owners whose trees may grow in risky positions and who have no opportunities to have them cut and bucked by duly qualified personnel. Such works are carried out by up-to-date equipment.

Advisory services

We supply advisory services including information about forestry and wood processing industries for general public.

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